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Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
United States
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`nulla è vero
tutto è permesso
nulla è reale tutto è lecito
  --_//-- --\\_--
   --\ (_---_) /--
~~Requestat in pace


Kinda scared to do this but...

This is for watchers of mine only, and it'll probably be the last time I take requests for a while before I start putting up commission prices.

* One character per request.
* You can ask for either a canon character or an oc (I love doing ocs :heart:). Please leave a good reference!
* It can either be a chibi, or full body (or even just a portrait if you want). Please specify otherwise I'll just do whatever :3
* I will only do human/humanoid characters so no animals please.

I can't think of anymore rules right now, but if something comes up I will post it
EDIT: I originally said only three cause I wanted to keep this small, but what the heck it's almost Christmas :la: choir 
However, I have a couple non-watchers asking for requests so those who are watching me will have theirs done first

1.) :iconthehetaliankazeko: (Finished) Chiruka by MioMochi

2.) :iconwonderfulnamesgalore: (Finished) Joseph Macken by MioMochi

3.) :iconbakagummi: (Finished) Hinamii by MioMochi

4.) :iconphenom-jak: (Finished) Sylvi Metaru by MioMochi

5.) :icondweeblet: (Finished) Javiera by MioMochi

6.) :iconvanes-is-ded: (Finished) Reiki by MioMochi

7.) :iconmetaphysicalvoid: (Started)

  • Listening to: Emperors New Clothes -- Panic! at the Disco
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  • Watching: Game Grumps
  • Playing: The Last Guardian & FFXV


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