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It's Not Worth Your Life 4 (GermanyXReader)
"It is no problem," Ludwig replied, averting his gaze to the menu before him.
"What are you doing? We already ordered our food…" you questioned. Ludwig's lips quirked into a brief almost-smile that you had to replay again and again in your mind to make sure it actually happened.
"It is not for me. My friend is a very big fan of pasta, and I am looking over the selection beforehand so I do not have to listen to him go on and on about it."
"Go on and on about what?" A feminine (but somehow still masculine) voice with an Italian accent so thick you almost wondered if it was real for a second. Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be? you though to yourself. Glancing over, you took in the man's tan skin, stylish clothes, and brunette hair with the strangest gravity-defying little curl. Yep. Definitely Italian.
"Oh, nothing," Ludwig answered the newcomer, "Have a seat."
The Italian man sat in between you and Ludwig, watching you with an appraising look. "Ve~ I didn't know Luddy h
:iconmoriartyssniper:moriartyssniper 149 137
Dragon!Norway x Reader ~The Dragonheart~ 9
~Chapter 9~
If Emil could hear your thoughts and see what you saw, would that mean that he could also…?
You didn’t want to think about it. Just the thought of thinking that was more than embarrassing on your part. Emil had promised that he wouldn’t look, but you couldn’t be sure that a dragon’s soul could just close its eyes if it didn’t have any. Still, it wasn’t as hard to bathe as you thought it would be. There was no need for Lukas to make such a fuss over you.
“He’s just worried you might miss something and get his shiny scales all dirty again,” Emil explained. “My brother may have some strange methods, but he means well.”
“I certainly hope he does,” you grumbled aloud. “And what’s up with the other dragon, anyway? Why is he so…?”
“Different?” Emil guessed.
“Mathias—he prefers it if we address him with his
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 254 80
MMD Lady Parasol Download by 9844 MMD Lady Parasol Download :icon9844:9844 243 6 MMD Umbrella Download by 9844 MMD Umbrella Download :icon9844:9844 530 66 Nordic 5~ by Cioccolatodorima Nordic 5~ :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,345 247 Kio Lat Base by annacuddles Kio Lat Base :iconannacuddles:annacuddles 383 208
Fearless Ch 15 TheAllies x Assassin!Reader
A/N WARNING! this chapter has a touchy subject for a lot of people and I in no way say its an answer!!
"No." you said sternly feeling the tears already starting to come. "I will not kill my mother you sick bastard!" the gun was pressed harder to your head.
"Either you kill her, or I kill both of you." he said smirking.
"Take me instead!" you said angrily.
Silas seemed to think about this for a moment then smirked. "Alright, I will kill you," you froze. "But, not physically~" he shoved you against the wall and into two men. They held onto your arms as you struggled. The dimly lit ally only showed the tear stained face of your mother and the outlines of the men holding back her arms. They two men positioned your face to look at your mother.
Silas smirked and pointed the gun to your mothers head.
"I love you ______." she said as tears dripped down her face. Silas pulled the trigger and the bullet launched through your mothers skull.
"NO!" you screamed as tears flowed down your burning che
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 96 102
SeeU Umbrella Motion Data by RaikuHoshigami SeeU Umbrella Motion Data :iconraikuhoshigami:RaikuHoshigami 187 48
Fearless Ch 14 TheAllies x Assassin!Reader
It had been about 2 weeks since the incident. You were almost completely better despite your broken ribs. You also started talking and eating again.
"You know guys, I haven't been to school in weeks."
Yao was the first to realize your school absences. They knew you cared about your academics so you all went to go and collect your things.
Sadly, you were never the most popular person at your high school. Not that you care. You found at least 90% of the students there irrelevant. So, you were picked on a lot by the girls and jocks. Mathias would always stand up for you, whenever he saw it.
Everyone wanted to come with you to check out the school. Turns out they were all home schooled.
"WHOA! This place is huge!" shouted Alfred a little too loud causing heads to turn. You noticed a lot of girls start to whisper and slowly make their way towards you all. As soon as they got a good look at all the boys, the girls were trying to keep from drooling and all the panties were dropping (hypotheti
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 83 40
Fearless Ch 13 TheAllies x Assassin!Reader
You didn't tell anyone about the phone call. In truth, you felt scared to.
After the shooting  and the phone call you felt outside of yourself. As if you were watching yourself do what you do. You (e/c) eyes lifeless and dull. You didn't eat, didn't drink and barely slept.
Everyone was worried about you. They had tried to talk to you but nothing came through. You couldn't even look at them.
During the plane ride home, you all sat in silence. Soon, you fell asleep from exhaustion.
"Dudes, I'm really worried about ______." said Alfred as he carried you into a room with a sofa. Luckily, Antonio let you all borrow his private plane so you had no fear of being caught.
"I am too aru." said Yao sadly.
"I heard sunflower crying the night she was shot," started Ivan. "At first I was thinking it was from pain, but then I heard her talking to someone." They all looked from him, to you and to your phone. Your phone recorded every conversation you have had since you became an assassin.
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 91 16
Fearless Ch 12 TheAllies x Assassin!Reader
You slid down the cool brick wall as a pool of made its way out of your side. You bit at your lips to keep from crying out in pain.
"______!_______! Please love!" shouted a fading British voice. You blinked quickly as your burning eyes fluttered open. In front of you, you see the target; shot through the temple. Dull (t/e/c) eyes staring at you lifelessly.
"Dudette! C'mon!" you looked up a little to see Alfred with tears running down his red cheeks.
"I-I'm okay...." you tried to say reassuringly.
You failed miserably.
Ivan lifted you up bridal style and cradled you in his arms.
The entire way home, you faded in and out of consciousness. Moaning in pain every once and a while. Yao constantly dabbed a cool cloth against your forehead and whispered soothing words to you in his native language.
Lovino, Feliciano, and Antonio sat in the back seats . Feli blubbered in Italian while Lovino sat in silence. Antonio continuously apologized. He claimed that this was his fault he shouldn't have le
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 88 26
Fearless Ch 11 TheAllies x Assassin!Reader
A/N: Yeah mild swearing I guess~ Lovino's and what would he be with out his swearing? Enjoy~!
Lovino and Feliciano decided to come with you all. Lovino said something about 'going to see the tomato bastard' or something. You honestly couldn't care less right now. Right now, you had to focus on how to destroy your target without getting distracted by him.
"______!" a hand waved in front of your face. You snapped back into reality and saw Lovino trying to talk to you. "We are able to stay at the tomato bastard house."
"His name is Antonio Carrdieo Fernandez. He basically took care of Lovino when he was little." said Ivan happily.
"That stupid tomato bastard..." grumbled Lovino. You rolled your eyes and continued reading about your target. He was to go to a huge party tonight, a masquerade. You would have to attend. Figures.
Your plane landed on time and you all walked out into the heated air of Spain.
As soon as you got off the plane, you saw a Spanish
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 96 31
Fearless Ch 10 The Allies x Assassin!Reader
A/N: WARNING! lovino was being himself and threw a few f's your way! Also, read the description below to find out more about your target!! Enjoy!
After a long night of Alfred eating, Francis flirting, Arthur drinking tea, Yao and Ivan complaining, and Lovino cussing out Feliciano, you finally got a little sleep.
The morning was rather quiet and bright. You slid out of your large bed and changed into (f/c) off the shoulder top and (another f/c) skirt and slipped on a pair of slippers Feli gave you.
You slowly shuffled your way down the spiral stairs and followed your nose into the kitchen. You heard a sweet Italian tune being hummed happily. At first, you assumed it was Feliciano but it was Lovino.
He hummed happily while making pasta. His strange (but adorable) curl bouncing happily atop his head.
You couldn't help but let out a smile. His voice was lovely.
Lovino turned around and turned as red
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 101 35
Fearless Ch 9 TheAllies x Assassin!Reader
Alfred's P.O.V
It's been a few hours since ________ came out of her room. We're all really worried about her, especially Arthur. She looked petrified after that phone call. If only we heard what was said, then at least we could help her more.
"I hope she's okay..." sighed Ivan sprawling out on the couch.
"Me too aru. She hasn't even made any noise or anything..." Yao slowly pointed out. We all looked at each other in silence before we all split up the stairs.
We made it to her door and her nothing.
Francis knocked on her door lightly. "________? Cherie? Are you alright?"
No answer.
"_______?" shouts Lovino.
Still no answer.
Ivan got impatient and broke open her door.
She wasn't there. But the window was open and there was a note.
The note read:
'Dear Everyone,
I went to go get the target, I need to see if I can find Silas again. Thank you for helping me so far, but I need to do this on my own now. If I don't make it back, get my mom for me.
from _________ _________
PS.  Thanks Lov
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 94 23
Fearless Ch 8 TheAllies x Assassin!Reader
You were currently in the plane to Italy. You had always wanted to got here, but not like this.
Thanks to Francis leaving the office lady's house late, you guys almost missed your flight. Stupid Francis. All that was left to do now was figure out where you would stay.
"So I can make some plans to stay at a hotel close to the target-"
"No need dude!" said Alfred confidently. "We know the Vargas brothers will let us stay at their place!"
Arthur clamped Alfred's mouth shut and hissed. "Shut up you ass hat! Don't say their name on the plane." Arthur looked towards you. "They're the heads of Italy's most famous and most ruthless mafia. So no one say their names with camera's around understood?" you nodded slowly and peered out the window.
"You'll like Feliciano and Lovino," Yao said happily.
"Yes, nice boys who can cook and have strange curls." retorted Ivan.
"Okay, if you guys say so..." you sighed.
----le time skip to italy~!!--------PASTA---------
Your plane soon landed and Alfred called
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 95 16
Fearless Ch 7 TheAllies x Assassin!Reader
All day you have been trying to process the fact that Mathias Kohler- your Mathias Kohler- was an assassin. Why didn't he ever tell you? At least it made more sense now. Sometimes he would come to school covered in cuts and bruises. He said he got beat up when he was walking home. When you suggested calling the police, he said 'I would get arrested for how bad I messed them up.'
"Alright, so the guy were are tracking lives close aru. While he was an assassin, he disobeyed his orders and killed a lot of innocent people aru. After that he split town. But now he's been sighted in NYC at a work office aru. Also, since he has been around, he will know about _________ and her mom, so we will need disguises aru." explained Yao turning away from his MacBook. He looked at you slowly for a second then said, "I can call Kiku and he can give us something to cosplay for when we go in undercover aru." Apparently, Yao and Kiku go way back. Yao was basically his care taker.
You nodded and walked out o
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 103 24


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Kinda scared to do this but...

This is for watchers of mine only, and it'll probably be the last time I take requests for a while before I start putting up commission prices.

* One character per request.
* You can ask for either a canon character or an oc (I love doing ocs :heart:). Please leave a good reference!
* It can either be a chibi, or full body (or even just a portrait if you want). Please specify otherwise I'll just do whatever :3
* I will only do human/humanoid characters so no animals please.

I can't think of anymore rules right now, but if something comes up I will post it
EDIT: I originally said only three cause I wanted to keep this small, but what the heck it's almost Christmas :la: choir 
However, I have a couple non-watchers asking for requests so those who are watching me will have theirs done first

1.) :iconthehetaliankazeko: (Finished) Chiruka by MioMochi

2.) :iconladycookiecupcake: (Finished) Joseph Macken by MioMochi

3.) :iconbakagummi: (Finished) Hinamii by MioMochi

4.) :iconphenom-jak: (Finished) Sylvi Metaru by MioMochi

5.) :icondweeblet: (Finished) Javiera by MioMochi

6.) :iconvanes-is-ded: (Finished) Reiki by MioMochi

7.) :iconmetaphysicalvoid: (Started)

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