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This is basically going to be a "Featured" Journal, but I'm going to be doing it the same way savrom has done it! 

So, what's the idea: Everyone (yes, EVERYONE) that comments will be featured here on this journal. I'll choose at least one (up to three) deviations I like most from your gallery! 

If you comment, you don't have to do anything (seriously I won't mind!), but it would be awesome if you'd do the same and tag me in it! :heart:

1.) So first up is the lovely :iconsavrom: who started this whole shebang! It's hard to pick a favorite from her because I seriously love all her stuff (mainly the Captain America ones :heart:), but if I had to pick something I'd have to say  Made of Stone (Steve x Reader) - Part 1
2015, Sakovia - HYDRA'S Research Base
'Hold on!' Steve yelled at you, as you were sitting on the back of his motorcycle, holding on to him with one hand and shooting down HYDRA agents with the other.
You were driving through a forest covered in ice, somewhere in Sakovia, Eastern Europe. The Avengers were here to find Loki's scepter that Baron Strucker was hiding in a castle like building up a hill just outside this forest.
You knew it was there because you had seen it. You had been held hostage in that base for God knew how long. During the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D you had been captured by Strucker's men, who had taken you all this way to Sakovia to get information from you. As one of the top agents within S.H.I.E.L.D, you had extremely valuable information. Information that wasn't spilled on the internet. You hadn't spoken a word however, and recently you had finally been able to escape.
What the Avengers didn't know however, was that Strucker h
 would be my favorite. Mostly because I'm obsessed with AoU! ^^

2.) Next up is :iconyoahtlquauhtli: whom I've had the pleasure of meeting irl! ^^ We took a college Art course together, and since then I've been admiring his work. I've always been jealous of traditional artists, because it's something I just simply cannot do. He, however, has quite the hand when it comes to traditional drawings, and his coloring is always perfect! This one is definitely a favorite of mine Inmysovietrussia WIP1 by YoahtlQuauhtli as well as  NightTime at the River. by YoahtlQuauhtli. ^^

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